Parkinson's Disease

Admission Criteria for End Stage Parkinson's Disease

Critical nutritional impairment evidenced by:
  • Oral intake of nutrients and fluids insufficient to sustain life
  • Continuing weight loss
  • Dehydration or hypovolemia
  • Absence of artificial feeding methods
  • Rapid disease progression or complications in the preceding 12 months evidenced by:
    • Progression from independent ambulation to wheelchair or bed-bound status
    • Progression from normal to barely intelligible or unintelligible speech
    • Progression from normal to pureed diet
    • Progression from independent in most ADL's to needing major assistance
    • Karnofsky score of 40 or less
    • Supporting documentation
    • Dyspnea at rest
    • Patient declines artificial ventilation
    • Recurrent aspiration pneumonia (with or without tube feedings)
    • Upper urinary tract infections (pyelonephritis)
    • Sepsis
    • Recurrent fever after antibiotic therapy
    • Stage 3 or 4 decubitus ulcers