Cardiac Disease

Admission Criteria for End Stage Cardiac Disease

Must be present:
  • Poor response to optimal treatment with diuretics and vasodilators including angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
  • The presence of significant symptoms of recurrent CHF at rest: evidence of fluid overload (edema, ascites, rales) and classifies as New York Heart Association Class IV (inability to carry on any physical activity without discomfort, symptoms of heart failure or angina at rest, or increased discomfort even with minimal exertion). Dyspnea with minimal exertion.
  • Karnofsky score of 50 or less
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Ejection fraction < 20%
  • Treatment resistant symptomatic supraventricular or ventricular arrytmias
  • History of cardiac arrest or resuscitation
  • History of unexplained syncope
  • Brain embolism of cardiac origin
  • Concomitant HIV disease