Infection Control Program



GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. strives to improve patient health outcomes by identifying and reducing the risk of infections in patients and employees. The infection control program goals are designed to prevent the infection from occuring by:
  • Preventing it
  • By breaking that chain of transmission or
  • By improving the ability of individuals to avoid infectious agents, such as those that cause vaccine preventable diseases. 
Methodology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Infection Control Program that has been established by GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. The essential components are as follows:
  • Surveillance
  • Identification
  • Prevention
  • Control of Infections
  • Reporting


All infections will be recorded and tracked by the infection control committee and logged in the infection control logs. These include infections that patients acquire as a result of care or services provided by the agency employees, and any infections that one individual gets from another. GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. recognizes that some infections may be transmitted from environment sources such as equipment provided by this organization providing services. GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. recognizes that three things have to exist at the same time for an infection to be considered an organization or community acquired infection:

GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. recognizes that three things have to exist at the same time for an infection to be considered an organization or community acquired infection:
  • An infection agent -  a virus, bacterium, or fungus is present
  • An individual (patient or employee) is in a condition that permits him or her to catch the infectious agent; this individual is known as a susceptible host.
  • There is a chain of transmission whereby the infectious agent moves from its reservoir (an infected person or environmental element, such as a contaminated piece of equipment) to the susceptible host.
This infection control program includes specific processes and activities that have been designed to achieve the above stated goals. These processes include the following:

Surveillance - The purpose is to collect date about infections, and to detect any changes in infection trends. This process will be achieved through education of staff and community. This education will include instructions to report any and all occurences of infection that any employee becomes aware of. This includes office and field employees, and patients and or caregivers/family members.

Identification - The surveillance data that is accumulated is to identify the problems or undesirable trends. The following steps will be taken when a trend is noted:
  • An investigation is initiated to identify if the infection is organization acquired or community acquired. 
  • Once an infection is identified as organization acquired, the Director of Clinical services or his/her designee takes steps to identify any common factors related to the organization that could have led to the transmission of the infection. 
Prevention - Initially and on an ongoing basis, GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. will develop and implement policies, procedures, and in-services that describe steps that will be taken to prevent the transmission of infection. The following implemented measures will be evaluated periodically for their effectiveness and modified as needed.
  • Hepatitis Vaccine will be offered to all employees
  • In-services on: Universal Precautions, Handwashing, Blood Borne
  • Pathogens are held regularly and ar part of the Orientation Program
Control of Infections - Initially and on an ongoing basis, GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. will develop, and maintain policies and procedures to control the transmission of an infectious disease once it occurs. All reports of infection that are reported will be documented on a Quality Improvement Form and the information will be recorded on the infection control log. This log will be maintained and monitored by the Director of Clinical Services or his/her designee. Logs will be reviewed monthly. All summaries are submitted to administration for review.
Plans of Action will accompany any summary that indicated that there is a trend.
Particular Attention will be paid to submission of Quality Improvement Reports citing any of the following. These reports will be brought to the attention of the Administrator immediately.
  • Staphylococcus
  • Salmonella
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis
  • HIV
Reporting - GENTLE CARE HOSPICE, INC. has a mechanism for the reporting of all reportable diseases or infections as required by law and regulation. The following includes, but is not limited to, diseases that will be reported a per company policy, to the Public Health Department:
  • Childhood Diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases