Patient Abuse, Neglect Exploitation

Patient Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation

To ensure to the best of our ability, the total safety of our clients while receiving health care in the home.

As Hospice personnel are present in the home at any given time, we shall be cognizant of evidence of abuse, neglect or exploitation of the client. In the event of such evidence, the employee shall:
  1. Report said evidence to their immediate supervisor and/or manager. 
  2. The Director of Clinical Services is notified. 
  3. The Patient Care Coordinator shall report this concern to the attending physician, the referral source, and to any other contracted service involved with the patient's home care (this responsibility may be assigned by the Director of Patient Care Services to notify the appropriate state agencies. 
  4. All witnessed evidence and reporting shall be documented on a patient progress note, along with any follow-up action taken by the company (i.e. discontinuation of service for safety reasons). 
  5. The Administrator shall be kept apprised of all such reporting along with the company legal counsel. 
  6. Some indicators of abuse/neglect may be:
  • Actual reports of abuse/neglect from the patient or others. 
  • Witnessing of verbal abuse of threatening behavior by one toward another
  • Obvious bruising unrelated to a disease process, or excessive bruising beyond what may be expected from a disease process. 
  • Lesions (burns, abrasions, scratches) that are new, scarred, or recurring. 
  • Fearful behavior by the person toward the caregiver or others. 
  • Behaviors of withdrawal beyond what might be age related shyness. 
  • History of multiple bone fractures or trips to the ER for trauma. 
  • Unexpected and unexplained weight loss unrelated to disease process
  • Dehydration in a person who cannot fend for themselves. 
  • Unused medication and supplies that should have been used in a given patient. 
  • Unkempt, dirty body, clothing, hair, bed linen and other surroundings. 
  • Urine and/or excrement on clothing and bed linens that is dried and of obvious neglect.